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Act On Your Words

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We honor all those who have given their life in service to their country and for their fellow man. Many have given their lives for such a cause, and for that we are grateful. Because of that sacrifice we are able to meet any where we choose, declaring the name above all names, Jesus Christ. We can practice freely our religious convictions and we are guaranteed that right by the constitution of this land.

And because of those who have served before us and fallen, we have erected monuments and memorials in their honor. I believe these things are important and significant in our lives. As we look through God’s word, I believe we will see the significance of these things. Memorials help us to determine our course. Speaking of courses, there are a couple of things that you need in order to determine which direction you are traveling in: you need to know where you have been and you need to know where you are right now.

Once you have that knowledge, you can draw a line connecting those two points and figure out where you are headed. If it’s the wrong way, then it’s time to change directions. If it points to the goal, then continue with all diligence. So, for this reason, I believe that history is very important. Those who don’t know it are bound to repeat it. There is no reason to do something again that you already know the outcome to. We ought to avoid the problems and recognize the good things that have happened.

In light of all this, we are going to be looking at the time when the Israelites crossed over the Jordan and went into the promise land that God was giving them. It is a time when they dedicated a memorial for what God did in their life. Last week we talked about Moses and why he no longer had the privilege of entering the promise land. In the last chapter of Deuteronomy, there is a description of what happened to Moses.

It says in Deuteronomy 34 starting in verse 1, that God let Moses go up to the top of Mount Nebo and see the land that He was giving to his ancestors. Then Moses died there, in the land of Moab. Since Moses had already consecrated Joshua to be his replacement, Joshua then assumed his role as the leader of God’s people. He led them across the Jordan River, on their way to Jericho and that is where we pick up the narrative.

After reading Joshua 4:1-24, we can see that Joshua is instructing his people to set up these standing stones to commemorate what God did for them. It marked some important milestones in the history of God’s people. The first thing that we ought to see from this passage is that spiritual markers can be important in our lives.

It will make a difference in your spiritual life, if there are markers that you can live by. It marks off the trail that you have taken and can cause you to reflect on why you are where you are right now. God is the one who told Joshua to do this in verses 1-3 in this passage of scripture. God wanted them to remember what happened that day. He wanted them to be able to reflect back to a time when God did a miraculous thing in the sight of His people.

The point of this is that we ought to be setting up spiritual markers in our lives. If you just give it passing notice, you will forget about it or it will fade away in your mind to a place that you will not recall it. We see here in this passage that God told Joshua to erect standing stones in memory of what happened. In verse 6, Joshua told the Israelites that it would be a sign among them.

On Memorial Day, in the United States we celebrate a sign as well. The same principle is in place there as was in place when Joshua set up the stones. You can go to New Orleans and view the WWII Memorial or to Washington D.C. and see the countless memorials that are standing in that city. They all serve the same purpose: to remind us of what happened, lest we forget.

Joshua was paying attention to God. I wonder how many of us are living that way today. How many can say that they are paying attention to what God might be telling them to do? You won’t know where to put those markers in your life if you don’t allow God to speak to you. We can’t allow ourselves to become so busy that we forget to include God in our lives. He ought to be the first priority and let everything else flow from that.

People will complain over and over again about how our society has degraded. Oh…it’s so horrible out there. Look at what it has become. They will complain about that, yet most of them who complain can’t remember the last time they talked to someone about God. They aren’t actively trying to tell others about another way to live. Folks, the problem with our culture isn’t out there, the problem is sitting in our pews because when we get up and walk outside we are done talking about faith.

The problems with our culture are there because the church has failed to do it’s job. We have become lazy and complacent. We think that everyone in the United States has had an opportunity to hear about the Gospel. That simply isn’t true. If you don’t take part in shaping the world, they will continue to shape the world that you will be forced to live in. The world your children and your grandchildren will live in.

No body is going to do it for you. We need spiritual markers in our lives. Figure out a way to leave them. It works for secular things in the world today. We have all sorts of holidays to commemorate events in this country. Make some spiritual holidays in your home that you can tell others about. Allow them to share in what God has done and is doing in your life. Make yourself available to God to tell others.

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